Books published
(2015) Globalizing India: Political Economy Dimensions. 2 volumes. The Readers Paradise, New Delhi (ISBN-978-93-82110-75-0, Vol I); (ISBN- 978-93-82110-76-7, Vol II); & (ISBN-978-93-82110-55-5, Set)
(2005,ed) Sustainable Development: An Interdisciplinary Perspective, New Delhi: Research & Publishing House, Pg. Xvi + 348. Rs.495. ISBN 81-89134-00-0. Edited jointly with Dr. Arunabh Talwar, USA.
(2002) Globalisation, Federalism and Decentralisation: Implications for India, New Delhi: Bookwell, Pp. xv, 248. Rs.525. ISBN 81-85040-54-0.
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Book Reviews already appeared (Book 2002)
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Other Publications
Research work related to Cultural Economics(2)
(2003): Cultural Policy and Globalisation in India-Emerging Issues, Association of Cultural Economics International, USA (ACEI's Newsletter, February 2003, Item No. 3; pp.8-15).
Internet site:
(2003): Art and Culture Sector in India: An Economic perspective, Monograph submitted to Department of Culture / Government of India as a Sponsored Project.
Research work related to Health Economics (2)
(2005): Globalisation and Healthcare Financing in India: Some Emerging Issues, Special issue on health, Public Finance and Management (Vol V, No.4), USA,
Internet site: (jointly with A. Gumber, UK).
(2004): Globalization and Health Effects in SAARC Region: Evolving a Framework of Analysis, International Journal of Economic Development, (Vol VI, No.4) USA.
Internet site: [], (jointly with A. Gumber, UK).

Papers related to Government Finances and Fiscal Federalism (10)
Issues before the Eleventh Finance Commission, published as a background paper in a book Issues Before the Eleventh Finance Commission. Editor: M.C.Gupta et al., Indian Institute of Public Administration, Delhi (1998)
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Papers relating to Chinese economy (6)

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Other Published Papers/Abstracts (8)

"Globalisation, Global Governance and Micro and Small Enterprises: Emerging Employment Scenario", Abstracted in Conference Issues, Indian Journal of Labour Economics, Oct - Dec 2004 (XLVII, 4).

"Globalisation, Employment Restructuring and Skill Formation in India: Emerging Issues", Abstracted in Conference Issue, Indian Journal of Labour Economics, 2002.

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Chapter in Books

"Economic Development in China: Some Lessons for India". Included in India's Relations with Russia and China. Editors: M. Rasgotra and V.D.Chopra. (1997, Gyan Publishing House).

IGNOU Lessons

Block 4, National Income Accounting, EEC 10: Unit 11: Flow of Funds in the Economy; Unit 12: Investment, in Economic Policy and National Income Accounting.

Block 5., Classification of Economic Transactions, National Income Accounting, EEC 10: Unit 13: Classification of Economic Transactions and Transactors; Unit 12: system of National Accounts - The Basic Structure; Unit 13: Consolidated Accounts of a Nation - the Basic Structure.

Books Reviewed (3)

Structural Adjustment: Economy, Environment, and Social Concerns. University News 35(21), May 26. Authors: Shoba Raghuram, Heiko Sievers and V. Vyasulu; Macmillan India Ltd., Delhi, 1997; pp. xii+324. Rs.310.

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